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Martial Nesselbusch

I am an experienced practitioner and teacher of Chinese Energetics.

I support:
- Individuals, with physical pains, emotional agitations, mental charges.
- Leaders, who achieve high performances in challenging environments.
- Families, that value health prevention and wellbeing


Digestive and sleep disorders

Chronic diseases, fatigue

Stress and mental hyperactivity

Physical and muscular tensions

Neck, joint and back pains

Emotional shocks, traumas

Endocrine glands disorders


- Health & burnout -

Early detection of imbalances

Restoration of vital energy

Strengthen the immune system

Release stress and mental charge


Teaching Chinese Energetics

During a 12-course program, students learn : 

- Feel the energy: the pulse, the flow, the open/closed position of an acupuncture point.

- 3-stages energy system: cycle of production, distribution and utilization of energies.

- 6 phases of illness: Understand the sudden or gradual installation of pathologies.

- Physiology: Discover the role of each organs and the main points to stimulate.

- Restoration: Learn hand-techniques that stimulate the body’s own intelligence to heal.

What is Chinese Energetics?

Chinese Energetics is a discipline related to Chinese Medicine. It specifically focuses on the study of energy, the liberation of stagnation and emotions, and the circulation of energy within the body.


Soft healing hand-techniques that use the energetical capacity of a person to make its own energy flow, release of its own physical pains, emotional agitations, mental overactivity, thus to reconnect mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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