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 - Chinese Energetics - 
Guided Course in Dubai

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Well-being:

A Complete Energetic Practice for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

March 2024 - April 2025
One weekend per month 
10 am to 5.30

No Prerequisites: Open to all.
For the first time in the Middle East

Chinese Energetics techniques help for :


  • Digestive and sleep disorders

  • Chronic diseases, fatigue

  • Stress and mental hyperactivity

  • Physical and muscular tensions

  • Neck, joint and back pains

  • Emotional shocks, traumas

  • Endocrine glands disorders


- Health & burnout -

  • Early detection of imbalances

  • Restoration of vital energy

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Release stress and mental charge


What is Chinese Energetics? 

Chinese Energetics is a discipline related to Chinese Medicine. It focuses on the study of energy circulation, the liberation of stagnation and emotions, and the resonance between each muscle, organ, bone, endocrine gland and the 12 meridians.

In practice, Chinese Energetics are soft healing hand-techniques that stimulate the body’s own intelligence to release its own physical pains, emotional agitations and mental overactivity.


Chinese Energetics offers a complete energetic practice according to 4 therapeutic levels:

- Physical,  liberation of the 12 meridians, organs, muscles.

- Elemental, harmonising & retuning the Body with the seasonal elements

- Emotional, liberation of past emotional charges and traumas.

- Spiritual, reconnection with consciousness, intellect, willpower, intuition


Trainer & Supervisor

The program is designed and supervised by Régis Blin, an international expert in Chinese Energetics.

With 48 years of experience in professional training of new practitioners around the world (China, USA, Russia, Europe, ...), Régis Blin will provide an overview of Chinese Energetics and introduce key concepts & techniques.




Martial Nesselbusch is an experienced practitioner of Chinese Energetics based in Dubai. 


Following the training program of Régis Blin, he will thoroughly deepen your understanding of the theories and practice of these techniques.

> 1-1 discovery session : Martial -  WhatsApp : +33 7 86 45 56 40



Participants will receive a certificate of participation upon completing each module. 

Following the completion of all modules, those desiring to earn a certification in Chinese Energetics from the San Yuan Institute will need to pass an exam.

Certification Criteria

To earn the certification in Chinese Energetics from the San Yuan Institute, participants must successfully complete both written and oral exams, as well as present case studies. These assessments are designed to check students' ability to make accurate energy diagnoses and to apply the correct techniques.

One weekend per month

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